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Our Philosophy

The guiding Philosophy of Assumption Education is the passion of faith, of love, and of the fulfillment of the law of Christ.

where characters are forged by the force of the Gospel,
where souls are set on fire by the TRUTH of God and for his KINGDOM,
where the wisdom revealed by the Son of God Himself
and the knowledge of the unity of all beings in Him
become the principle and the goal of education.


Education in the Assumption recognizes God at the heart of the world today.
It facilitates an ongoing formation process of humanization, liberation, interiorization and communion.
It impels each person and the school community, to joyfully commit to God, to country and to others.
It is a learning process that unfolds in an atmosphere of trust, appreciation and service, in a genuine relationship of complementarity, friendship and equality.
It is inspired by a spirituality and a mission to transform society where Gospel values permeate all systems and structures.

Jesus Christ is the foundation stone from which it receives its vision and power.