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Character Formation

In her plan for education, Marie Eugenie would insist on the formation of the will and of the character. It is for the intelligence to be trained in such a way that it will enliven and give direction to the will. She insisted that what matters most is the development and enlightening of the understanding by faith, and the training of the will so that it may be capable of renunciation and sacrifice.

"Form steadfast characters, with particular attention to establishing straightforwardness, loyalty, openness, honor, generosity and devotedness… For if these characteristics are weak it is because truths have been watered down. These are the great principles that forge great characters."


At the Assumption, we desire that everything in our education contribute to:
-The Service of Life
-The Search for Truth
-The creation of a way of thinking and type of education attentive to human and spiritual values.
Intrinsic to an education for social transformation are the Three Pillars
-Faith and Spirituality
-Academic Excellence for Service
-Social Responsibility
Spirituality is the fostering of one's personal relationship with Jesus because of a solid faith formation through the Theology courses, liturgy, retreats, unifying faith and life.

Academic excellence for service recognizes Jesus as a point of reference in all areas. Known as 'the christianization of the intelligence', it is characterized by:
-Interior discipline
-Critical thinking
-Solid judgment
-Rigorous logic
-Wide Perspective
-Integrity in self-expression
-Healthy affectivity
Social responsibility implies a growing sense of solidarity with God and His people. It demands a commitment to the social consequences of the Gospel. It calls for:
-Inclusive paradigm
-Social Optic in all courses and educational experiences
-Interior Life

"The goal of education is that, once they have gone out into the world, they should be Christian women who are able to carry "Christian ideals, thoughts, and practices into the midst of their families and their societies.