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No Place Like Home
by: Rina Santos


The Assumption Vigil is made up of different events wherein everyone from the students to the teachers and staff play a significant role. The Vigil is a full day event filled with activities to celebrate the feast of the Assumption. It is during this time that people from all walks of life come together and undergo a transformation.  The celebration begins with a special mass complete with the songs that all Assumptionists know by heart – The Credo, The Prayer of MME, and Assumpta Est. The mass is followed by Stations of the Cross which takes place all around the school. The participants are one with Jesus and Mary as they go on a transformative journey.


Station 1: Coming Home

The Assumption campus is no different from others. It has classrooms filled with desks, a cafeteria with a wide array of food, and a gym for different sports events, however, for many women (and a few select men), Assumption is a place they can always call home. The school gates are always open to those who are looking for a family to come home to, shoulder to cry on, and a community they can turn to for support. The Vigil is an annual event wherein the divisions between departments disappear, and unity and camaraderie take the stage. It’s always a joy to see Assumption alumnae, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the Assumption dine, celebrate, and pray together.


Station 2: Uniquely AC

Any vigil is more fun in Assumption and it’s not just because of the Assumption Tarts and siomai. Preparing for the Vigil begins with novena masses every afternoon where everyone is invited. It is a time for everyone to stop what they are doing and rest in the presence of God. This is also the time wherein people are running around, preparing the logistics. Candles are put in place to light the way, the gym and the Assumpta Court is decorated for prayer, and the whole school is one during the Vigil. It is only in Assumption where everybody prays to prepare for prayer.


Station 3: Passing the Torch

August is a time when the Assumption legacy is passed on to future generations through prayer. The Alumnae and upperclassmen impart the values and practices to the new members of the community to preserve the essence and true meaning of the celebration while those that have completed their experience here go out and share it beyond our walls.

vigil 3

Station 4: A Cause for Celebration

The Vigil is more than a time for silent prayer and meditation but it’s also a chance to enjoy and experience solidarity as a community. It teaches us that there is more to prayer than just sitting silently in the chapel. The whole event is a prayer of thanksgiving to God and the Virgin Mary.


Station 5: The Challenge

It would not be very Assumption to have an event or experience without a challenge in the end that aims to make us better people. The celebration officially ends at midnight but the challenge is to sustain the solidarity and solemnity that the Vigil has brought us.

vigil 2