To give utmost support to the Higher Education Division in the attainment of its vision, mission and all its programs and services by providing adequate library–based information.


To continuously acquire updated books, current journals, non-print materials and equipment to support the academic needs of the Higher Education Division.

  1. 1.To develop and maintain a collection in terms of the needs of the new course offerings and programs of the Higher Education Division.

2. To provide a quiet, wholesome and user friendly environment to stimulate learning and research activity.

  1. 3.To promote resource sharing and cultivate active partnerships with all sectors of the community and other organizations to enhance the collection of the LRC.

  2. 4.To develop and maintain excellent staff members who are knowledgeable, service-oriented and sensitive to the needs of the users.


In 1958, the San Lorenzo Campus of Assumption College was born, and the College moved into the new campus in 1959. The Library then occupied a part of the second floor in the Aquinas Hall.

In 1985 new buildings were added to the campus to accommodate the growing enrollment. The Library was transferred to the entire third floor (548.4 sq.m.) of the new building. The Audio-Visual Center was also placed inside the library. There was enough space that sometimes, art exhibits were even held inside the Library.

The collection grows and enrollment increases. More and more shelves were added and more seats were provided. In 1990, the AV Center became the Filipiniana Section.

After 8 years the Library was besieged again with space problems. Shelves are filled to maximum capacity and there was no more room for additional seats for the growing enrollment, a plan for a new building was conceptualized.

With the expansion of the College curricular programs, the Library, being the “heart of the college” assumes the function of pumping intellectual information to its users. The Library then, is considered the primary support unit of the college for its academic programs. Thus, it became the most important intellectual resource of the college - a powerhouse of information. Hence, the primary consideration was the construction of the new building.

In 1999, the College rented a private-owned residence - The White House for one year. It was located inside the San Lorenzo Village across the Sisters’ convent. It has several rooms used as classrooms, offices and the Library was also temporarily housed there. After a year of contract, the Library was transferred to the basement of the Mother Rose Auditorium (MRA). Only the most used circulation and reference books were housed in the MRA. The Electronic Library occupied the Audio Visual Room 1 at the Thomas Aquinas Building. The Audio Visual Office and the Equipment Room was located at the back of the Electronic Library.

Upon the completion of the new building in the early part of 2001, the Library moved to the Therese Emmanuel Building and the Library was named Mother Rosario Learning Resource Center. The Library occupied the first and second floors of the building. It has a seating capacity of 210. At the ground floor are the Security Gate located at the main entrance, the Baggage Counter, Photocopier, the Reading Area, Circulation Counter, the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), Filipiniana Section and General Collection. Equipment Room and the Prieto Audio-Visual Room (used for special functions and meetings), the Technical Room and the Head Librarian’s Office are also located at the ground floor of the Library. The room vacated by the AV Room and Technicians’ Room became the Discussion Rooms 1 and 2. Located at the second floor are the Reference/Periodical Sections, the Vertical Files Collection, Electronic Library, Plato’s Mall, Faculty Area, Audio-Visual Center, Preview Room and the Staff Lounge.

The Library adopts an Open-shelf system, allowing students to access directly the collections of the Library. The library software which the library uses is the Athena. The system used for organizing the library collection is the Dewey Decimal Classification System. With the advent of new technology and the fast-paced world of information, the library, being the heart of the college, needs to adopt the new environment. From October 2008 to September 2010, the new Head Librarian decided to change the classification system from DDC to Library of Congress. Upon his leaving, the Administrative Team decided to retain the classification which is the DDC.

Today the LRC continues to provide intellectual access to materials and information to support the teaching and research activities of the Institution.

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