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Milleret School of Business & Management for Women (MSBMW)

The Milleret School of Business and Management for Women (MSBMW) is a learning institution where talent can be honed and primed to produce a world view that embraces many possibilities in life - as a career woman in a corporate environment, as a woman entrepreneur in a dynamic world of domestic and international businesses, and as a family woman nurturing a new generation while actively participating in the affairs of the world. The school fosters a learning environment by providing modern, effective programs with a global perspective designed to develop leadership and professionalism in business and management.

General Objectives
The School is committed to form the Total Woman Leader and Management of the Future, grounded on strong faith formation and directed towards service of others. Toward this end, students are formed:

1. To have the capacity to nurture a deep and personal relationship with God and a commitment to the social consequences of the Gospel;
2. To be broad in their outlook and creative in their thinking with a deep sense of service, adaptability and flexibility;
3. To be professional and ethical in their chosen career, exercising leadership in corporate and administrative functions;
4. To have skills in interpreting economic and business implications of a challenging global environment in order to become responsible entrepreneurs and managers; and
5. To cultivate a culture of excellence for service through active involvement in the task of nation-building.

Graduates are developed to be practitioners in the different areas of marketing, promotions, product and brand management, account management and sales.

- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management

Graduates are trained to put up their own business by helping them create their own business plan and enabling them to complete its decision-making process and implementation.

- Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
- Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
        -with specialization in Tourism Management

- Bachelor of Science in Management Major in Corporate Business
Graduates shall be employable in corporate planning, research and general administrative functions.

- Bachelor of Science in Management Major in International Business
Graduates shall be employable in the international dimensions of the business operations, international account management and in the export and import division of the international companies.

The School of Business is a Christ-centered Business school in a constantly changing global environment. It aims to develop women who are professionally competent and imbued with Christian values and principles. It is committed to develop world-class, socially responsible women business leaders and entrepreneurs, dedicated to the transformation of society.

    Specifically, it provides:
    1. A broad perspective on Business Management;
    2. Instruction that fully equips the individual to be part of any business organization in the local and global market; and
    3. Opportunities for the development of responsible women managers who conduct their business with a heart, building more human communities through their approach to work and the way they think.