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The Assumption College Scholarship Program provides quality education to deserving young women who excel in their academic performance but cannot afford to go to college. It also gives educational opportunities to high school honor students and athletes who bring pride to the school.  It also extends its assistance to the dependents of Assumption employees.

Scholarship Grants and Aids

A. Academic Scholarship
This grant is given to high school valedictorians and salutatorians primarily on the basis of merit. Valedictorians are given 100% tuition fee discount while the salutatorians are granted a 50% tuition fee discount. Academic scholars are required to be in the Dean's List (either as a First Honors or Second Honors student) for two consecutive semesters to be able to renew the scholarship.

B. Financial Aid Scholarship
This scholarship type is given to financially needy yet deserving students who seek the aid of the college to be able to study in AC. They usually come in the form of 100% tuition fee discount with or without dormitory assistance. The percentage of discount given is based on solid academic records and actual financial need coupled with potential service as a student assistant and college scholar. They are required to maintain a GPA of 2.0, with no grade lower than 2.5 in major subjects and 2.7 in general education subjects.  They have to fulfill a certain number of service hours in a semester in any college office.

C. Athletic Scholarship
This grant is offered to athletes who excel well in their fields of concentration (as athletes) and manage to achieve good grades at the same time. They directly apply to the Athletics Department wherein their papers are processed and the corresponding tests and qualifications are administered. The Athletics Department determines the approval and distribution of these grants. Certification of scholarship however comes from the Scholarship Desk where the papers are finally forwarded and evaluated.

D. Educational Assistance for Assumption College Employees
This grant is available to children of regular employees of the Assumption College. An employee can apply for a maximum of five dependents for this grant. Percentage of discounts varies on the number of dependents receiving the grant. Interested employees apply at the HR-Benefits Office and go through a different set of procedures as set in Employment Guidelines and Procedure Manual.

Recruitment and Criteria for Selection
The program has a yearly recruitment period during the second semester.  Applicants should have a high average rating in the Assumption College Admission Test (ACAT).  Scholarship application forms are given to interested applicants but shall be processed after the deadline of application at the end of February.  (Please check Assumption College website for Admission procedures and testing dates).

The following are the documentary requirements that should be appended to the scholarship application form:
    a. Certificate of employment and remuneration from employer of parents/guardians.  For self-employed parents – a business description and most recent financial statement.  For retired parents – a certification stating the amount of retirement / separation benefits.  For unemployed parents – Certification of Non-filing of ITR and utility bills
    b. Photocopy of latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of each employed / self-employed parent
    c. Photocopy of HS Form138 (report card) for incoming freshman.
    d. 2 recommendation letters (preferably from school authorities of previous school (e.g. principal), guidance counselor, class adviser, teacher
    e. Personal letter of both applicant and parent/s explaining the need for financial assistance.

Forms with incomplete requirements will not be processed
Applicants shall be short-listed based on the initial data gathered from the application form.  Those who shall be selected shall proceed to the proper screening process of interviews and home visitation for thorough background check.  A final recommendation of successful applicants shall be made for the approval of the College Dean.     

The following are the criteria in selecting scholars according to scholarship grant.

Academic Scholarship

  • Valedictorian or salutatorian of the graduating class
  • Good recommendations from previous school

Athletic Scholarship

  • Selected based on merit and recommendation of the Athletics department
  • Student should meet the required GPA of the Department with no failing grades in any subject

Financial Aid

  • Applicant must present a proof of her financial needs to pursue a college education.  (i.e., gross family annual income of 250,000 below)
  • Exemplary academic standing as proven by high school grades or college GPA
  • Good recommendations from previous school (for upper years, recommendation from the Department Chairperson)
  • Willingness to provide service to the college community 
  • Active in extra-curricular activities and community involvement

For more information, please contact:

Assumption College Scholarship Desk

Telephone number:  817-0757 loc 2155