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Guidance Center

In response to and in consonance with the Assumption College Vision, Mission, and Objectives, the College Guidance Center aims to:

1. assists the students in their ongoing process of exploring and recognizing their personhood and developing skills necessary for quality life;
2. address the developmental and immediate concerns;
3. assist the students in understanding and monitoring their own development through individual planning and goal-setting and
4. engage in support activities and services geared towards assisting students attain maximum development.

Specifically, it will seek to:

1. provide all students the opportunity for individual and group counseling to help them accept responsibilities for their own growth;
2. provide information service to help students locate and answer questions about themselves, their environment and their opportunities;
3. design, implement and evaluate Formation Programs for students and parents in coordination with college community specially the Student Development Formation Cluster and the Academic units.
4. help students develop career choices through interest tests, self-appraisals and other method for obtaining and evaluating information;
5. help students implement their career plans;
6. maintain students’ information on a cumulative basis, compile, organize and record them for functional use;
7. integrate research and practice in the formulation of the Guidance Programs
8. Systematize the referral of students with specialized needs to other professionals