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1. Applicants from other Colleges and universities whose equivalent GPA are lower than 2.5 shall not be accepted for admission to the College.

2. Transferees who had been dismissed from the College due to academic failure, deficiency and disciplinary violations shall not qualify for acceptance to the College.

Appeals for reconsideration must be referred to the Admissions Committee which evaluate the merits of the case to reject or endorse the same to the Chairperson of course choice.

3. Students who previously attended Assumption College but left to study in other college/university and are considering re-entry shall be categorized as transferees and shall undergo the same process applicable to transferees. They must apply through the Admissions Office for re-admission.

4. Assumption College will only credit a maximum of 30 academic units provided these are required in the approved curricula of the course applied for and only for those subjects where the applicant received a grade of 85% or higher. If the applicant qualifies, after initial evaluation of grades she secures from the Admissions Office the application form and complete the requirements. Testing date will be scheduled by the Admissions Office.

5. Granting of credits taken from previous schools will be determined by the Registrar in consultation with the department chairperson.

Transferees should have a:

* College GPA at least 85% for all semesters attended in the last school
* No failure in any subject and no incomplete grades
* No disciplinary record from the college/university she came from

6. Applicants follows the procedure for new enrolles.

7. The honorable dismissal document from last school attended will be required only if the applicant is accepted and enrolls in the College.

8. All transferees are accepted on probation upon admission.

9. Transferees who had enrolled in two or more Colleges/Universities prior to Assumption College will be authomatically be disqualified from Admissions. (Except for special cases: eg. Family movement due to work assignment of parents)