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1. Admission to Assumption College is open to 4th yr. female high school students from different schools across the region and the Asia Pacific. To qualify, the applicant shall have strong academic preparation with an average to above average rating in the stanine scale.

2. Applicants shall be evaluated on the following criteria.
Entrance test results.
Academic Performance and potential
Disciplinary Record
Accomplishments within their school community
Recommendations from school counselor, adviser or high school principal

3. Provincial Applicants will submit their application forms in the testing centers.

The Purpose of Each Criteria:

a. Entrance Test Results
The purpose of a placement exam is to determine whether the applicant is academically prepared to enroll in a particular course. Specific rating on particular areas should be considered depending on the applied course of the student. For example if the student is applying for Accounting she should have a rating of average to above average in numerical ability as measured by the Assumption College Admissions Test (ACAT) and so with high school grade in Math or given additional tests to measure skills needed for course choice.

b. Academic Performance in High School
The applicant's general average must be at least 85%.

c. Disciplinary Record
Must have a recommendation without reservation from the school she came from.

Manifestations of deviant behavior like homosexuality, substance abuse and illicit relationships shall result in automatic rejection of application.

d. School Involvement
Involvement in extra curricular activities.

e. Recommendations from high school counselor, adviser or high school principal.
Assessment forms from the admissions office shall be accomplished by the particulars mentioned above.

Academic Support Programs:
Applicants whose English or Math score or both in the ACAT is low average are required to take the English / Math Bridge to reinforce skills needed for College work.

Other Requirements:

1. Enrollment in the College is a privilege, which may be forfeited by anyone whose conduct is inconsistent with the policies and regulations of the school.

2. The Parent Partnership Program provides orientation for parents of new students to learn more about the college, its operations and how it seeks to partner with them in the education of their daughters.