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Consortium of Women's Colleges

Consortium of Women's Colleges

The Consortium of Women's College was formed with the purpose of maximizing the use of each member's resource-both human and material-to achieve efficiently in the delivery of educational goal and benefits. The consortium is composed of the following colleges: Assumption College, College of the Holy Spirit, Miriam College and St Scholastica's College. One of the areas of cooperation is the SHARED DEGREE PROGRAM where students of a member college may take a major NOT offered by her home college in one of the members of colleges. Assumption College Students may now opt for the shared Degree Program in the following majors in the member college indicated.

Assumption College
• Bachelor in Management major in International Business
• Bachelor in Management major in Corporate Business
• Bachelor of Communication major in Media Production

Miriam College
• Bachelor of Science major in Environment Planning & Management
• Bachelor of Science major on Social Work
• Bachelor of Science major in Business Administration in e-Commerce
• Bachelor of Science major in Child Development & Education

1. Write letter of intent to apply for Shared-Degree program; consult with chair who recommends approval.
2. Request application form from Home College Registrar.
3. Fill out forms in triplicate.
4. Request copy of grades from Home College Registrar.
5. Attach letter (with approval) and grade to application.
6. Submit application to home College Dean for approval.
7. Home College Dean endorses the application to Host College Dean.
8. Host College Dean evaluates duly signed application with all required documents attached.
9. Students brings approved application forms to Home College Registrar and secures cross-enrolment form.
10. Student accomplishes form, attaches host college copy of approved Shared-Degree Program application.
11. Student follows procedure for cross-enrolment.