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Assumption College seeks to enroll women of character, intelligence, and motivation who desire to pursue an excellent undergraduate education. Students who have completed the prescribed secondary school requirements are considered for admission without regard to race, religion, disability, ethnic or national origin.

Students may seek admission as freshmen or transfer students.

The College Admissions Office seeks to identify applicants who

    * give promise of successfully meeting the academic requirements of the College,
    * show seriousness of purpose,
    * possess good character and behavior, and
    * display the potential for service and leadership

Career Preparation
As early as first year the CMAR Program (Career Management Alumnae Relations Office) of the College will prepare you to be part of the corporate setting with utmost confidence and self-assurance. Workshops in resume writing, interviewing skills, its innovative development portfolio program and other preparations will be given, which would make it easier for you to open doors to success when you join industry. The Assumption education opens doors for our graduates having an excellent track record in the job market.

Applied Learning
In Assumption College we value “experiential learning”. This allows the students to apply classroom theory to hands on experience. It is an opportunity for students to network in the field amongst practitioners in the their respective areas of specialization.

Personalized Instruction
The institution provides personalized instruction with a faculty/student ratio of 1:30 –35 . There is more opportunity to work one on one with faculty members.

Administration, Staff & Services
They are leading the way in providing excellent education through AC's three pillar educational philosophy. (Character and Faith Formation, Social Optic and Academic Excellence)

Diverse Student Organizations
For every course offered there is a corresponding organization. Students has a chance to be involved in 17 clubs of their choice. There is something for everyone in Assumption College.

The Three Pillars
Our education philosophy is anchored on the three pillars of education namely: character and faith formation, academic excellence and social optic. We offer a balanced lifestyle for our students.

Religious Community
With the sisters continuing partnership with the lay they see to it academic and professional competence is achieved in all students through excellent administration, faculty, staff, support services and facilities.

Mentoring Program
The mentoring program allows students to gain confidence in exploring new paths of knowledge since our professors will walk with through out your college life. Your mentors eventually become good sources of referrals when you start applying for work.