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Master of Arts in Psychological Services

The Master of Arts in Psychological Services Program prepares the student for professional practice in Psychology (teaching, research and clinical/ organizational) in the context of the Philippines and Asia.  It gears teaching research and practice of Psychology to the attainment of the following objectives:

1.    The training of Christ-centered professionals who are:
a.    equipped with knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits to address the needs and problems in the practice of Psychology and thus be able to contribute to the advancement in the discipline and application of this knowledge in the Philippine setting.
b.    able to apply oneself as an innovative, creative, critical, enterprising
c.    and adaptive psychology practitioner in the design and implementation of action research projects and in the design of various programs and service delivery in organizations and work settings.

2.     The development of a state-of-the-art knowledge resource-base in the   field for Psychology for the advancement and maintenance of proper standards and practice in their respective fields.

The degree program known as MA in Psychological Services has three tracks:
•    Teaching
•    Research
•    Professional Practice