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Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education Program aims to enhance the Professional skills of educators designed to improve the quality of teaching and research in the basic education departments (pre- elementary, elementary and secondary) by increasing the educational competence of teachers in order to satisfy the needs of the community they will serve.

More specifically, the graduates of MAE Program should have:

1)    Acquired effective, innovative, creative, analytical skills for an upgraded quality of teaching;

2)    Applied their skills in facilitating an integrated development of their pupils/students;

3)    Use their research skills in:

3.1)    designing, testing and enriching curriculum that its to needs and educational requirements of specific target students;

3.2)    developing teaching and learning methodologies approaches, techniques for student-centered education;

3.3)    developing relevant and up-to-date instructional materials; addressing current educational issues and concerns;

4)    Articulated their personal mission as Christian educators to help bring about a transformed society.

The Graduate Department of Assumption College offers the Master of Arts in Education Degree with the following major concentrations:

•    Pre-School Education
•    Basic Education Teaching
•    Lay Leadership Development