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Graduate School Requirements for Admission

To qualify for admission to the degree program, the applicant must have:

1.    A bachelor’s degree from a college of good standing;
2.    A minimum of 18 units in the discipline in which the applicant intends to do graduate work;
3.    A general average of 85 percent, B, 2.0 or above.
4.    At least an average rating in the admission test battery;
5.    English proficiency for foreign students;
6.    A satisfactory interview.

     If the applicant does not hold a Bachelor’s degree on the Program she/he is applying for, her/his acceptance to the program is on a probationary status until all the required 18 undergraduate units have been taken and passed.  She/He may not take any of the basic and major courses offered in the graduate program until all the pre-requisites have been taken.  A maximum of three semesters is given to complete these undergraduate courses:

For Master of Arts in Education applicants:

•    Foundations of Education
•    Principles of Teaching
•    Teaching Strategies
•    Values Education
•    Test and Measurement
•    Guidance and Counseling

For Master of Arts in Psychological Services and Master on Guidance and Counseling applicants:

•    Theories of Personality
•    Psychological Testing
•    Social Psychology
•    Experimental Psychology
•    Industrial Psychology
•    Developmental Psychology