Graduate School

The Graduate School was established in 1997 to respond to the expressed needs for personal, professional and career growth of individuals from various sectors, namely: the academe, church, business, government and non-governmental agencies as well as sectarian and non-sectarian organizations. It creates opportunities through a network of partners in the field of continuing Christian Learning, Education and Psychological Services for degree and non-degree programs.

General Objectives
The Graduate School enables students:
1. To undergo an ongoing program for professional growth;
2. To become Christ-centered specialists who will continually upgrade and enrich their professional, occupational and social life, and those of others within their sphere of influence;
3. To set up service units that will develop their employees in their respective work settings;
4. To experience training, practice and research opportunities for work in applied settings where training at the graduate level is appropriate; and
5. To respond to the global call for proper values inculcation vis-a-vis technological advancement.

Certificate in Education *
Master of Arts in Basic Ed Teaching
Master of Arts in Lay Leadership
Master of Arts in Pre-school Education

Certificate in Guidance and Counseling *
Master in Guidance and Counseling

Master of Arts in Psychological Services
- Education Certificate Program
- Non-Degree Applicants
- Admission Information

* Certificate programs are designed for teachers and guidance counselors qualifying for Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) licensure tests.

Contact information Requirements for admission