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Division Objectives

At the end of the Preschool Level, the student is:

  • A young Christian who loves God and His creation;
  • A young learner who has begun to read and write and to explore the world around her;
  • A child who performs simple tasks for herself and others and can communicate kindness and truth and,
  • A child who is aware of her Filipina identity and begins to show respect for her country and surroundings.

At the end of the Primary Level, the student is:

  • A young Christian who appreciates the truth about herself and others through a growing relationship with Jesus;
  • A creative and independent thinker who finds joy in learning;
  • A confident communicator who can actively participate in building wholesome relationships; and
  • A young Filipina who lives simply and shows concern for her environment, her community and her country.

At the end of the Intermediate Level, the student is:

  • A young Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus and a desire to follow Him;
  • A logical and analytical thinker with a love for learning;
  • An articulate communicator who stands for the truth and is a positive influence among her peers; and,
  • A Filipina who takes pride in her identity and culture and is willing to care for others and the environment.

At the end of the High School Level, the student is:

  • a Christian disciple who is sensitive and responsive to God's call;
  • a critical and reflective thinker with a passion for learning;
  • an effective communicator who is able to translate her convictions into concrete actions; and
  • a servant-leader with the will to work for truth, justice, peace and the integrity of creation in Philippine society.