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General Admissions Procedure


  1. Secure Permit to Pay for the application from the BEd Admissions Office and proceed to the Treasurer's Office for payment (non-refundable).
  2. Present the official receipt of payment from the Treasurer's Office to the BEd Admissions Office and get the application form and testing schedule.
  3. The applicant must take the entrance exam as scheduled (Please strictly observe the entrance exam schedule). She is expected to come 15 minutes before the testing time.
  4. Submit complete requirements on or before the testing date:
    1. Duly accomplished application & recommendation forms and other pertinent documents attached to the application form
    2. Original copy & two (2) clear photocopies of NSO Birth Certificate
    3. Original copy & one (1) clear photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
    4. Photocopy of the Department of Education Certificate of Recognition/Permit of the current school
    5. Two (2) passport size recent colored photos (computer printed & cut-outs are not accepted)
    6. Progress Report Cards:
      1. Pre-Kinder to Grade 1 – Two (2) clear photocopies of either Certificate of Attendance or Narrative Assessment Report
      2. Grade 2 to Year II – Two (2) clear photocopies of previous and current Report Cards
  5. Come on the specified date of the interview.
  6. Get the admissions result from the Admissions Office on the date specified. (only those with complete requirements)  Application must be claimed at the Admissions Office according to the schedule given. Only parents or their representative (with Authorization letter) may claim the admissions result. Results will not be released over the phone. If the results are not picked-up a week after the release date, we will assume that you are no longer interested in your child's admission to Assumption College. Her application will be automatically cancelled. For pre-school accepted applicants, the School reserves the right to assign accepted applicants to either morning or afternoon session.
  7. Pay the reservation fee which is non-refundable (only for accepted applicants).
  8. Attend the scheduled Parents’ Partnership Session (PPS) given to parents of all successful applicants. This is a prerequisite for enrollment.